Rosaria Iazzetta



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ロサリア イアッゼッタ



EDUCATION 学歴免許・資格  

2014  社会学部大学, Sociology Degree, Federico II University, Naples, Italy

2008  Eco-Design Specialization, C.N.A. National Center for small and medium industry, Acqualagna, Urbino, Italy

2005  MFA in Sculpture, Tokyo University of the Arts, Tokyo, Japan

2003  Sculpture Research Degree, Tokyo University of the Arts, Tokyo, Japan

2002 Japanese Language Diploma, I.S.C. Saitama University, Saitama, Japan

1998  教養学部大学, BFA in Fine Art, Academy of Fine Art of Naples, Naples, Italy



November 2016 to present:  Sculpture Professor, Academy of Fine Arts of Naples, Naples, Italy

January 2015-October 2016: Sculpture Department Head, Academy of Fine Arts of Frosinone,  Frosinone, Italy

January 2010-December 2014:  Sculpture Professor, Academy of Fine Arts of Catanzaro, Catanzaro, Italy

January-April 2005:  Italian language Professor, Italian Culture Institute of Tokyo and Shinkokurizu Opera City, Tokyo, Japan

September-December 2004: Italian language Professor, Italian Culture Institute of Tokyo and Shinkokurizu Opera City, Tokyo, Japan

April-July 2004: Italian language Professor, Italian Culture Institute of Tokyo, Japan

April-July 2003: Italian language Professor, Italian Culture Institute of Tokyo, Japan

September-December 2002: Italian language Professor, Italian Culture Institute of Tokyo, Japan



2018 Yamaha Motor (Japan), Givi Explorer (Italy), Soh Gallery (Japan) and Italian Chambers of Commerce in Tokyo (Japan), Main supporter of 4 months international solo motorbike trip-project "Yellow horse evolution project"  from Naples (Italy) to Morioka (Japan) 14.527 km.                                                                                                                                   

2017 COMEL Prize Vanna Migliorin, first classificated, Comel Industry (Metal Trading Latina), Italy

2007 Moving’UP Prize, Italian Ministery of cultural Assets, GAI Italian Young Artist Association, Turin, Italy

2006 Art in Residence, A.R.T. Jhonny Walker Art Foundation, Tokyo,  Japan

2002 Scholarship for Artist, Italian Ministery of Foreign Affairs, Rome, Italy

2002 Grant for  Exhibition sponsorship by Italian Culture Institute of Tokyo, Japan

2001 International Artists Residency programme (three months residency), Sculpture Department, New Castle Art University, New South Wales, Australia

2000 Visual Artists Reserch Fellowship, Italian Embassy in Tokyo, Japan

2000 Travel-Reserch grant (Tokyo, Fukui, Ibaraki,)  Metropolitan Scholarship Prize issued  by Campania Province, Naples, Italy

2000 III National Festival of Progress reclame, Marano City, Naples, Italy



2018."Yellow Horse  Project in Tokyo" Artist Invited, Italian Chambers of Commerce in Japan, Tokyo

2018."Yellow Horse  Project in  Beijing" Artist Invited, AGIC Association of Young Italians in China, Beijing, Tokyo

2018."International Terracotta Sculpture Symposium Terra25 days artist Invited, Center for Fine and Applayed Art Kikinda, Serbia

2018."Die to Create!" Sculpture Professor, Intensive course Naples Arti Terapeutiche School, Monte S.M. Tiberina, (Perugia) Italy

2018."Sculpture of clay" Guest Professor, Jilin Animation Institute, Jilin, China

2018."Recluse Art/ Freedom artLecture and  panel, Aldo Ferraro curator, Maschio Angioino Castel, Naples

2018."Global Education, the 40th exhibition spring 2018" Panel, in Jinan, Beijing, Hefei, Xi'an, China

2018."Pearl river Forum on International Education", Lecture and  panel, Beijing Foreign studies University, Foshan, China 

2018."Wonder sense", Lecture and  panel, Nursing degree course, Cardarelli Hospital School, Naples, Italy 

2018."Creativity power", Lecture, Voltaire Institute middle and High School, Secondigliano, Naples, Italy 

2017."Development of Creativity", Lecture, Hachirogata Public Hall, Hachirogata 八郎潟, Akita Prefecture, Japan

2017."Limit and possibility", Lecture, Yahaba City Hall, Yahaba 矢巾町, Iwate Prefecture, Japan

2017."Memory and growing-up", Lecture, Morioka City Reconstruction Support Center,Morioka 盛岡市, Iwate Prefecture, Japan

2017."Shichi-go-san", Talk, Ninohe public elementary School,  Ninohe 二戸市, Iwate Prefecture, Japan

2017."Inside God/中にの神様" sculpture workshop, Otsuchi Reconstrution space, Kokoro Gake Association, Otsuchi大槌町, Iwate, Japan 

2017."KIZUNA, historical relations between Torre del Greco and Japan", international speak, Civic Museum Torre del Greco, Naples, Italy

2016."Global Home Coming 2016", Visiting Professor, Tokyo University of the Arts, (Geidai), Tokyo, Japan

2016."Social meaning in the Sculpture",Visiting Professor ,Central Department of Fine Arts ,Tribhavan University, Kathmandu, Nepal

2016."Inconvenient Speeches trough the sculpture", Artist Lecture, NexUs Culture Center, Kathmandu, Nepal

2016."Family Games: the use of consciousness", Artist Lecture, Academy of Fine Arts of Rome, Rome, Italy

2016."Petra Nera",1 week stone sculpture workshop, with Carla Crosio, Luca Marovino, Patrick Crombè, Loredana Rea curator, Ernico Vulcanism Museum, Giuliano of Rome, Italy

2016."Acclimate or Detoxify?" roundtable discussion, Artist Lecture,  with S. Taccone, G. Angeli, P. Ciociola, A. Giordano, V. Tosti, F.  Verzella, L. Costanzo. E23 Gallery, Naples, Italy

2015."Diversity in the Sculpture criteria", Artist Lecture, Faculty of Painting Sculpture and Grafic Art,  Professor Jakapan Vilasineekul, Silpakorn University,Bangkok, Thailand

2015."About Sculptures", Artist lecture and Panel, Sculpture Department of Tokyo University of the Arts, Professor Kido Osamu, Tokyo, Japan

2015."Why trust in the Sculpture", Artist lecture and Panel on Sculpture Department of  Hiroshima City University, Professor Ito Toshimitsu, Hiroshima, Japan

2013."Monbusho Experience Talk", Artist talk, Japanese Embassy, Rome, Italy

2012."National Operative Program: Legality in public Art", 30 hours worshop, Costantinopoli elementary school class, Aporema Association, Naples, Italy

2012."Rosaria Iazzetta poetic, on the school-wall" two weeks workshop, Giovanni Ciaramella middle school class, Mugnano of Naples, Naples, Italy     

2011."Education turn #3", roundtable discussion, Stefania Zuliani curator, Filiberto Menna Foundation, Salerno, Italy

2011."6X6: Form of Art and literature to against the social abuse", Artist lecture and  panel, South Association, Rome, Italy

2011."Finally the politics", roundtable discussion, Donatella Gallone curator, Italian Institute for Philosophical Studies, Palazzo Serra di Cassano, Naples, Italy               

2011."Bullets of Culture, for social comunity", Artist Lecture, Newspaper Agency, Catelvolturno, Italy

2011."At School with Artist", 50 hours workshop, Giancarlo Siani middle school class, co-sponsored by Aporema Onlus, Naples, Italy

2011."Adolescence in the Area of Scampia; Legality? Yes, thank you", Panel Discussion with Dr. F. Prillo, Jhon Paolo XXIII middle school, Palagiano, Taranto, Italy

2010."Social simbolism in the work of Rosaria Iazzetta”,Lecture, Pianura middle school class, co-sponsored by Extramoenia Association, Ercolano, Italy

2010."Orientation-day" Artist Lecture, with Maram, Academy of Fine Arts of Naples, Naples, Italy               

2010."Day of legality: social Art”, one day video and photography workshop, Carducci high school, Nola, Italy

2010."The periphery as a platform" seminar, with  Eugenio Tibaldi, Paola Villani curator, S.O.B. Science of Cultural Heritage University, Naples, Italy

2010."Contemporary Art Zone" 25 hours workshop, high school IC Della Valle, Banco di Napoli Foundation and Aporema Onlus, Naples, Italy

2009."Camorra audiovisual Instrument", Artist lecture and  panel, Giancarlo Siani Theater with Iolanda Napolitano, Rosario D’Uonno Curator, Marano, Italy

2008."Social Utility of Art" Artist lecture and  panel, with Giuditta Nelli, Mara De Falco curator, Academy of Fine Art, Naples, Italy

2007."The territory imaging, plastic forms and documents", 20 meeting workshop, Enrico Pascoli middle school class, with Aporema Association, Naples, Italy

2006."Alternative media, in the Sculpture of Rosaria Iazzetta", Artist lecture and  panel, Media Art Department, Temple University, Professor Ron Carr,  Tokyo, Japan

2004."Gyosho ぎおしお: Artificial reefs as marine sculpture”, lecture, panel and screening, Best Italian resercher program in Japan, Francesca Marocchino curator, Italian Culture Institute,Tokyo, Japan

2004."Inside/Outside: Public sculpture to increase value of art in the comunity" International workshop, one week residency, with students from Cile, UK, Papua New Giunea, China; Mitamura Arisumi e Kozo Moriyama curators, Takashi Setsuro Art Museum, Nagano, Japan            

2000."In Opera: Making  public sculpture", Artist lecture and  panel, Galilei scientific high school and 33° Home teaching, with Melita Rotondo, Naples, Italy

1999."Out From the Bed: Art therapy program”, five week workshop, Policlinico and Pausilipon Hospital, Naples, Italy



2018.Juror, XXV International Sculpture Prize Edgardo Mannucci, Arcevia, Fabriano, Italy

2017.Juror, XXIV International Sculpture Prize Edgardo Mannucci, Arcevia, Fabriano, Italy

2016.Juror, XXIII International Sculpture Prize Edgardo Mannucci, Arcevia, Fabriano, Italy

2016.Curator, "Environment", International Sculpture exhibition, Professors and Students works from Sculpture Departments of Hiroshima City University,  Tokyo University of the Arts and Academy of Fine Arts of Frosinone, co-sponsored by Japanese Embassy in Rome, MACA, Contemporary Art Museum of Academy of fine Arts of Frosinone, Frosinone, Italy

2014.Coordinator, "Meeting on Social Sculpture", roundtable discussion with artists: Ito Toshimitsu, Maria Thereza Alves, Jimmie Durham, The Eco Architectural Studio & Academy of Fine Arts, Pizzo Calabro, Italy

2014.Curator, "The Form of Existence", Francesco Gabriele solo show, Art Space gallery, Catanzaro, Italy

2014.Curator, "Sculpting the legal thinking through literary paths and life choices", roundtable discussion with Mario Congiusta, Paola Bottero, Gaetano Saffioti, Alessandro Russo, Academy of fine Arts, Catanzaro, Italy

2014.Visual&Grafic Curator, "Discordant seas", Orbetello Culture Councillor, Guzman Powder Magazine, Orbetello, Italy

2014.Juror, XX International Sculpture Prize E. Mannucci, Arcevia, Fabriano, Italy

2013.Curator, "Anthropological and aesthetic needs" three days seminar, with Professor Alberto Baldi, Department of Ethnology vision of the Faculty of Sociology University of Naples, Cultural Palace, San Pietro a Maida, Catanzaro, Italy

2013.Curator, "Wood Sculpture Contest Sila 2013" International workshop, one week residency with Academy students and artists: Jimmie Durham, Maria Thereza Alves, Eugenio Giliberti, Andrea Caretto & Raffaella Spagna, Granaro Park Hotel, Sorbo San Basile, Catanzaro, Italy

2012.Curator, "Etic sculpture exercises", three weeks sculpture students exhibition, MUSMI Military Historical Museum, Catanzaro, Italy

2012.Curator, "P.A.S: Plan of Sculpture action", one day public sculpture actions with Sculpture Department students, Matteotti square, Catanzaro, Italy

2011.Curator, "Wood Sculpture Contest Sila 2011" National workshop, one week residency with Academy students and artists: Ivo Piazza, Peter Demetz, Alfons Runggaldier, Matthias Vergines,Emy Petrini, Granaro Park Hotel, Sorbo San Basile, Catanzaro, Italy

2011.Curator, "Visual Bridge: Aoki Noe iron sculpture process", three days workshop with Sculpture Department students, co-sponsored by Japanese Embassy in Rome, Academy of fine Arts, Catanzaro, Italy

2010.Curator, "Sculpture show #1,#2,#3", Sculpture students exhibition, Galleria del Bisogno, Academy of fine Arts of Catanzaro, Catanzaro, Italy



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2018."Neonaturalism",  Giorgio Agnisola curator, Spazio Comel Gallery, Latina, Italy

2016."Sandwich", Stefano Taccone curator, Galleria E23 Naples, Italy

2013."Sotto gli occhi di tutti", Disturb space, Raffaella Barbato curator, Scafati, Italy

2011."Dialogues of Light3", St.Francis Paola church,Raffaella Barbato curator, Scafati, Salerno, Italy

2011."Nothingness", Visual Arts Gallery, Naples, Italy

2009.“P.N.P. Concept”, Stefano Taccone  e Stefania Russo curators, Instabile theatre,  Naples, Italy

2008.“Love Revolution” Talk show, Soh Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

2006."The smile dipend from you and not same thing else", Soh Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

2003."False God", Soh Gallery, Tokyo, Japan



2018."L'arte e la città", PAN Naples Art Palace, Nando Calabrese and Antonella Nigro curator, Naples, Italy

2017."Sinuosity of Aluminium",  Spazio Comel Gallery, Dafne Crocella curator, Latina, Italy

2017."Imago Mundi",  Madre Museum, Chiara Pirozzi curator, Naples, Italy

2016."Vai pure", Sala Locatelli, Patrizia Bonardi curator, Bergamo, Italy

2016."Doppio stallo", Primo Piano Gallery, Raffaella Barbato, Ermanno Cristini and Rossella Moratto curators, Naples, Italy

2016."Nel Campo del vicino", Studio 10 gallery,C. Crosio curator, Vercelli, Turin, Italy

2016."Miserere", Arca San Marco Church, Francesca Canfora, Carla Crosio and Daniele De Luca curators, Vercelli, Turin, Italy

2016."Environment", MACA Contemporary Art Museum of Academy of Fine Arts, Frosinone, Italy

2015."Artlante Vesuviano", Real Polverificio Borbonico, Scafati, Salerno, Italy 

2014."Iside Contemporanea", ARCOS Contemporary Art Museum of Sannio, Ferdinando Creta Curator, Benevento, Italy

2013."Pensiero leggittimo", PAN Art Palace Naples, A. Manzoni curator, Naples, Italy

2013."Donne e Resistenza", Observatory on the Ndrangheta, F. Malice curator, Reggio Calabria, Italy

2012."Every woman is me" Arci Bellezza, Sara Errico curator, Milan, Italy

2011."Emergency room”, Michal Bienniek curator, European Culture Congress,  Wroclaw, Poland

2011."State of the Arts" CAM Contemporary Art Museum, Vittorio Sgarbi curator,  Casoria, Italy

2011."Artist's Box", Open Space Gallery, Simona Caramia curator, Catanzaro, Italy

2011."Ustrumbu" St. Giovanni Historical Complex, Angela Sanna curator, Catanzaro, Italy

2010."Safari: Artist and Shaman", III Malindi Biennial, Achille Bonito Oliva curator, Malindi, Kenya, Africa

2010."The Districts of the art 2010: Future Expectations", Madre Museum, Antonio Manzoni curator, Naples, Italy

2008."7th EEA 21 Exhibition", Saitama Museum, Kozuki Watanabe curator, Japan

2007."Be come real" Nhow Hotel  Gallery, Elisabetta Scantamburlo curator, Milan, Italy

2006."III Mario Razzano Prize", Sannio Museum, Gigiotto Del Vecchio curator, Benevento, Italy

2005."Private Inspection", Tokyo National University Gallery, Tokyo, Japan  

2005."Thinking in Object", Soh Gallery, Tsukamoto Toyoko curator, Tokyo, Japan  

2005."XII Biennial of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean", Saint Elmo Castle, Achille Bonito Oliva curators, Naples, Italy

2004."Spread In Prato", Dryphoto Gallery, Pierluigi Tazzi curator, Prato, Italy

2004."Global Heart", Takahashi Setsuro Art Museum, Mitamura Arisumi Curator, Azumino, Nagano, Japan   

2004."E/motion for Freedom", Womb space, with Mario Vattani, Tokyo

2003."Nichijo to Hinichijo-Kaiko",Soh Gallery,Tsukamoto Toyoko,Curator,Tokyo, Japan

2003."Me(a)et", Arti Visive Gallery, Martina Corniati, curator, Naples, Italy

2003."Captivita’", B&D Gallery, with Milo Garcia, Mathilde Ter Heijne, and Desiree Harlette Holmon, Milan, Italy

2002."Femina, Ancilla, Domina", Castiglione Castle,Silvia  Sfrecola curator, Castiglione della Pescaia, Italy

2000."XI Premio d'Arte Camposauro",Vitulano Prison, Simona Barucco and Gianfranco Matarazzo curators, Vitulano, Italy

2000."T293 Show", T293 Gallery, Paola Guadagnino curator, Naples, Italy

1999."Borotalco e Pipistrelli", Casina Pompeiana, Aurora Spinosa curator, Naples

1998."Showing", Academy of  fine Art Gallery, Carmine Piro curator, Naples, Italy

1997."Contro/Campo", Ciac M 21 Gallery, Rino Squillante and M. Marino curators, Caserta, Italy




2010.“P.N.P. progresso non Pubblicità Pompei”, Permanent installation in the area of Pompei, sponsored Pompei City and Culture Councillor, Pompei, Italy

2010.“The doors closed by camorra”, Stefania Russo, Stefano Taccone curotors. Sponsored N-up agency, Lanificio 25, and Culture Deparment of  Naples, Naples, Italy

2009.“Massime Eterne”, 2 Permanent installations in the area of Scampia district,  co-sponsored Hurtado Center and Vodafone Foundation, Naples, Italy

2009.“P.N.P. progresso non Pubblicità Ercolano”, Permanent installations in the area of Ercolanum, sponsored Ercolanum city, Eecolanum, Italy

2008.Words from Cement”, Permanent installations in the area of Scampia district, Stefano Taccone  e Pina Capobianco curators, supported Vodafone Foundation and Elpis Factory, Naples, Italy

2002.“Through the pig’s bottom”, Griffith Stockten Park, New South Wales, Australia

1999.“Marano Film Festival Trophy”, selected sculpture, Marano Film Festival Competition, Marano, Naples  

1998.“Continue”, permanent istallation  in Public Garden, Giugliano Villa Comunale, Giugliano, Naples, Italy  




Ernico Vulcanism Museum of Giuliano of Rome, Italy

Nazareth Art History Department Palestine University, Betlemme, Palestine

Sarenco Foundation, Brescia, Italy

Luciano Benetton Foundation, Milan, Italy

Ryutaro Takahashi Collection, Tokyo, Japan

CAM Contemporary Art Museum Casoria, Casoria, Italy

Ndrangheta Observatory Collection, Reggio Calabria, Italy

Academy of Fine Arts of Catanzaro Master Collection, Catanzaro, Italy



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